The Mind

The Mind

It flits from one thought to the other,
Never resolves an issue, only creates another,
The mind is such a bundle of thoughts,
Leave it to no use, and in an instant it rots.

We create thoughts every second of the day,
When we are awake, or when we are in our dreams far away,
Desperately one wonders, how they can,
For a moment at least put their minds at bay.

Some thoughts are pure, some constructive,
Some are useless, some destructive,
They come and go, with rapid speed
Oh how difficult the mind, is to lead.

The trick however is to let it be,
Let it conjure moments of sadness, and of glee
But listen to your heart, and then you’ll see
That’s the only way to set the mind free.

The heart guides the soul within,
It defeats the mind, with love it wins,
To it only, the soul listens truly,
Free of guilt and free from sins.

Rohan Pasricha

7 thoughts on “The Mind

  1. tejas says:

    Well – the course is going on fine – lots of stuff have come together – but i m managing it somehow –

    i m really proud to have u as my friend.

    whats up at ur end?

  2. Rohan says:

    Well I’m just figuring out stuff….come on to orkut now..we’ll be able to talk faster…

  3. siddhi says:

    I think this was the best out of the three. You expressed something so complicated so simply! Looking forward to reading more of your writings rohan..


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