Genuineness – A rarity today

It’s common; it has happened to all of us at sometime or the other. Someone tells you something, a scathing comment presumably said in jest but insulting nevertheless. Easy to say it shouldn’t rattle a person, but it does to even the best of us. So how should one react? Does one go the aggressive way or the dignified silence way? Especially if one is sure that the person who passes such mindless remarks suffers from tragic insecurity?

The ways are innumerable. But how should one exude their resilience and at the same time firmly put their point across? Though I absolutely adore the people who prefer keeping mum instead of retorting, I personally oppose the practice. I do believe that there are times when one needs to draw the line, and dispel the fallacy of the person who thinks he/she has a great sense of humour. And boy am I good at that! I did it yesterday; perhaps I even went a tad overboard during my insulting spree, but I felt it was much needed. One should be shown their place, no matter who he/she is. I completely understand and even sympathize that exhibiting good humour is not everyone’s cup of tea and if it isn’t, the person should exercise a certain degree of restrain instead of portraying themselves as a ‘open-your-mouth-ha-ha-ha’ case. And I’ve encountered a plethora of people of this loony variety, and trust me, at times you don’t even know what to tell them since they pose such a serious threat to your intelligence. You feel that whatever you say might actually accentuate their buffoonery, instead of diminishing it. It’s a lost case really, unless your retort to their ‘joking’ insult is so simplified that it penetrates their dense skulls.

The title ‘Genuineness is a rarity today’ is symbolic of the times we live in. Though I still firmly believe that goodness in the world far outweighs the negativity prevalent, it’s sad that certain people are such weak personalities that their only way of reconciliation is finding ‘flaws’ in others, despite being loaded with real flaws themselves. Sometimes, it’s alright to stay silent and feel bad for them. But many times, it’s important to make them realize the importance of the power of silence. I know this blog post, in a way, deviates from my regular feel-good posts but since life is very real, and so are the incidents we encounter, I wanted to deal with an issue that we all at some point have gone through, but didn’t know what the real solution to it. And frankly, what I’m propagating might not be the perfect antidote to the problem either. But it works for me, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Genuineness – A rarity today

  1. Chimera says:

    Extremely relevant indeed!!

    This issue is core to the interpersonal relationship domain. And not only in the personal life but also professionally it is extremely critical determinant of becoming hugely successful or relatively less (degree).
    I have learnt (thru hard way of course) that the only rationale way to deal with it is by learning how to separate 'issues' from 'personalities'. In other words, it helps to focus on ‘what’ rather than ‘who’, this way it completely neutralizes any importance that person may be giving to herself/himself and also keeps the dignity of one’s responses/reactions.

    Now, this is easier said then done …because someone else's (& esp. of the people like these) behavior is a completely uncontrollable variable and this is the very reason for one to keep focusing on one’s own response/reaction based on the ‘issue’ rather than the personality. Moreover, it also cuts the problems of any ‘stereotyping’ we may get in to because of the past experiences of bad interactions with these guys.

    See if this makes sense.


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