Are we doing affirmations all wrong?

All those riding on the self-help bandwagon would be familiar with the word ‘affirmations’, touted as a panacea for all ills, the magic potion to bring you success in all aspects of life. While I believe in the power of affirmative prayer as well, there are two aspects that have been ignored, and I believe that in the absence of these factors, affirmations may not only fail, but if they end up succeeding, it could be even more dangerous.

So when you’re doing affirmations, keep these in mind:

  1. Don’t just say what you want and then leave it at that. Always end with ‘God willing’. I can’t stress enough the importance of those words. It’s important to go with God’s plan for you, and if your affirmation is in alignment with that, it will happen. If it doesn’t, humbly accept that this isn’t the right thing to attract in your life at the moment. Trust me, here. Before I knew this, I always managed to get exactly what I wanted. Only to later realise that I wish I hadn’t asked for it. It’s true – be careful what you wish for!
  2. Be creative with your affirmations. And spontaneous. Many affirmations rule books talk about choosing 3-4 affirmations and constantly repeating them like a parrot. No, you’re a creative soul. Be spontaneous, mix up the affirmations, be original, play around, and always end the statement with God willing, or Inshallah, or Rab Rakha or anything that appeals to you. Constantly creating new affirmations every moment keeps the mind active and busy with a task, in turn keeping you in the present moment.

Lastly, remember that affirmations are not meant to deny your feelings. So when you’re faced with a situation that makes you sad, embrace the sadness. Saying “I am happy” in such a situation equates to being in denial and totally delusional, solving no therapeutic purpose. Instead, you could affirm, “Thank you My God for helping me overcome this and being at peace”. A far more sensible affirmation, isn’t it?

Love and light to everyone.

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