30 ways to know you’re 30

1. You’re ‘somewhere’ but you’re not ‘there’ yet.

2. If you’re married, you’re unsure of whether to have kids. If you’re not, you’re unsure of marriage itself.

3. You think twice before jumping ship in your job. Suddenly CV matters more than ever.

4. Your friend circle is streamlined. Only some matter. Most don’t.

5. When someone calls you for a late night party, you see the time, and think whether it’s a workday tomorrow.

6. Frivolous sex seems mundane, even overrated.

7. You ask yourself deep questions like ‘Is there more to life than just this’?

8. Birthdays are happy occasions. That’s it. Nothing to get too excited about.

9. At social gatherings, you’re unsure of whether to mingle with the early 20s or the early 30s. Both seem equally uninteresting.

10. Little kids call you Uncle and Aunty.

11. You’re independent, but would rather not be.

12. You make enough money, but not really enough.

13. Every ‘IF’ is followed by a ‘BUT’ – You weigh the pros and cons of everything.

14. Your metabolism is slowly deserting you.

15. Sleeping at a fixed time seems to be a priority.

16. Waking up at a fixed time seems to be a priority.

17. You’re unfamiliar with the latest lingo in the young circle. Recently, I discovered that LBD stands for Little Black Dress.

18. You still get acne. It’s almost gone, almost, well not really.

19. You’re the man with the plan, except what is the plan?

20. You’re the woman with a focus, except what is the focus?

21. Ripped jeans make way for sober ones.

22. Your wardrobe finally has a suit.

23. You want to change everyone…except yourself. Too late for that.

24. You’re suddenly interested in news channels and the economy.

25. Kids used to be annoying, now they’re oh-so-cute!

26. Sudden role reversal – Payback time for parents!

27. You live alone, and finally learn to switch off the lights.

28. You put your hair up and notice – oh my god is that hairline receding?

29. You’re at peace with most things. Key word being most – certainly not all.

30. Your faith in God is the strongest at this point. And keeps getting stronger.

9 thoughts on “30 ways to know you’re 30

  1. Rohan says:

    🙂 I began writing something for myself and then thought 'I'm sure this applies to my fellow 27 year olds too!'

  2. Satya says:

    True, unfortunately this dilemma continues for longer until you realize you have grown old enough to become a "copy of your parents"! Very well written!

  3. Ravish says:

    Good observations. I think this applies to anyone in the late twenties. Since, I'm 29, I could add a couple of points…

    28. You start to take oatmeal seriously.

    29. You finally come to accept that EMIs are a way of life.


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