Human being or humachine?

What do we really work for? The video below perfectly captures the life of the average office goer. This is the harsh and depressing reality of corporate life in general. If there’s one word I absolutely abhor, it’s productivity – it implies that we’re not human beings but just some lifeless machines programmed to perform mundane tasks. This is the reason why I ventured into doing my own thing. Sure, I may not be earning as much as my ‘market value’ (another pathetic term to describe employees) but at least I have the time to do things I love to do – and most importantly spend time with my family and loved ones. I can now choose how I work and when – and with whom. Ultimately, when my elders are no longer with me, certainly the car or other luxury items I bought by working so hard won’t make me happy. No point then crying over what could have been. Our life is in our hands. It’s only a question of priorities.

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